Thursday, 15 December 2011

What Do Women Find Attractive In A Man?

As a woman, I find it really fascinating to interact with men who are incredibly attractive, that it almost seems as though they are employing some type of magic or hypnosis on the target woman. Of course I am not referring to actual hypnosis or magic, but to the smooth and seemingly natural ways with which they interact with women to ultimately get what they want.
I met just this type of man, who seemed to be such a magnet for women; and after developing a friendship with him over the course of a few weeks, I could clearly see why and how this guy could be so attractive despite the fact that he was quite regular-looking and didn't particularly dress better than any of his friends.
What quickly became obvious to me from the beginning, was that behind his devious smile, he was a very charming and intriguing individual.
I sat with him (Let's call him Marco) for a couple of weeks as he trained me on the procedures of my new position, and I really got to know him and observe his behavior during this time. I really liked how he would always greet me with that same sly smile, showed so much interest in me, and had a great sense of humor which entertained me throughout the day. He always found something to compliment me on in a very charming and flirtatious way, and insisted on having me teach him French words which he would then use to try to converse with me. The effect, overall, was of a man whose company I really enjoyed and who I found quite appealing.
Furthermore, what I found to be truly sexy was his openness, humility and his niceness. He also had really good vibes about him, transmitting a positive energy which the entire office picked up on. It was clear how, with his smile, he was so popular with the women. They seemed so receptive in his interaction with them; and it was obvious in the way that they flirted with him.
Here in sum, were the behaviors and qualities I observed were responsible for much of Marco's success in attracting women:
1. Confidence. His displayed his confidence in open interaction with women and lack of fear in approaching them. (Women sense a man's confidence. The more confident the man, the more attractive he is.)
2. His positive outlook on life displayed in a happy smile. We all tend to look better when we smile - and women tend to interact more with a man who doesn't appear too serious and stiff.
3. Sense of humor. He had a healthy sense of humor which made him great company and made us feel at ease. As women, we feel more comfortable with a man who can make us laugh; this causes us to relax and lower our guard.
4. He was a nice guy. He was companionable and easy to approach.
5. He was charming and gave kind compliments.
6. He took an interest in learning things from women. In the process of teaching him French, we constantly shared a laugh at his attempts to pronounce the words, which in turn elevated our moods. That he took a genuine interest, I found to be really sexy.
7. He was demonstrative in his affection. (This might not work with every guy if you are not confident). He was not shy about showing his affection - a lot of hugs, arm around my shoulders, kind words - which, combined with his other qualities, allowed him a method of relating and expression that negated discomfort, or the feeling that he had overstepped his boundaries.
If you intend to attract women, try to develop some of his qualities for yourself and incorporate some of these behaviors, and see them work for you!
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