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Do's and Don'ts of Attracting a Woman

Want to be a Sexy Item to A Woman? Here are Some Tips:
Being attractive to women is actually a lot simpler than most men might think. It involves being yourself, being kind, genuine and well groomed (amongst many other things). Oh, and contrary to what Hollywood might have you believe, the popular misconception amongst men that women like bad-boy jerks with bulging muscles is simply NOT the case.
1. Good Manners are Important
Women appreciate a man with good manners; a gentleman who holds the door open for her or keeps her hand warm on a cold day are a couple of simple actions that she will really appreciate. These might seem like small gestures and old-fashioned but let's a woman feel that she is being cared for and will enable her to form a positive impression of you as someone who is conscientious of her, especially if your relationship is just starting out.
Don'ts: Rudeness is a big TURN OFF. Signs of rudeness would include:
- Eating with your mouth open.
- Smoking and blowing the smoke close to her face.
- When in a coffee shop going to buy a drink and not offering her one.
- Spitting.
2. Image is Important
The way that you dress says a lot about you and is sending her a real strong message all the time. Women like to spend a lot of time on their appearance and will appreciate a man who also takes reasonable time on theirs. No, Giorgio Armani or Gianfranco Ferre items are not necessary, the only thing that matters is that your clothes are clean and tidy (this includes your shoes). A woman will feel most attracted to a guy who takes pride in his appearance. There is something which is extremely attractive about a clean-cut, well dressed man. You don't have to be the best looking guy in the world but trust me, if you choose your clothes well you will reap the rewards. A nice look would include one with pants other than jeans. Jeans are so prevalent and casual, that they won't bring out the best in you and make her notice you as much.
Don'ts: Strong colognes and BO.
Smelling good is important but do not overdose on strong colognes whose fumes might knock her out. The same thing applies to body odor. I once sat with a guy who dressed fine except that he was not mindful of his bodily odors which permeated the whole workspace. I would have vomited if not for my strong stomach that withstood it. Suffice it to say that he was single and did not have any female friends.
3. A Sense of Humor
Having a sense of humor combined with your well-groomed image makes for a very attractive charismatic combination. If you can entertain her with your jokes and make her laugh and you also look good, well... a lot of women will inevitably find you quite attractive.
4. Being Genuine - The REAL You
Women are very intuitive creatures. VERY intuitive, and will detect phoniness right away so make sure that you don't pretend to be something that you are not. Eventually this fake fa├žade will be discovered and she will be disappointed that you resorted to it in the first place. Above all, whether most men are aware of it or not, it is a sign of insecurity and weakness and this is a big turn off. Women do not like weak men. Being straightforward, honest and sincere with who you are will really impress.
5. Being Secure and Confident
Women admire men who are not afraid to go out and get what they want or men who speak up when they see that something is not right. Behavior perceived as cowardly is an enormous turn off and will make her lose respect for you.
6. Altruism and Kindness
Women notice acts of kindness and generosity which touch them in a profound way. Since they tend to talk amongst themselves, all their girlfriends will eventually come to find out what a selfless and giving person you are. Which girl wouldn't want to be with a great, giving guy like that?
7. Knowing how to carry a conversation
In order to establish a connection with a woman and really relate with her, it is important that you can at least have a conversation with her. If you don't know anything at all about the subject that she is talking about, you can still have a conversation about it. All you need to do is ask her pertinent questions about the topic. If she is talking about her sister's son that you have never met, and how he became ill the other day then ask her if he is OK or what was wrong with him, or hold old he is, or if he get's sick often (the list of questions that you can ask her is endless). This will allow for the conversation to continue smoothly while showing interest in what she is saying (your engagement is quite important).
These tips will serve to change your experience with women for the better, and help to transform you into a sexy item that a woman will love to meet and keep around.
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Dating Beautiful Women - How to Attract Women Out of Your League

It's natural for a guy to want to date beautiful women. After all, we are driven by our eyes when it comes to the women that we are attracted to. What can be frustrating for a lot of men is the fact that they probably will never really get the opportunity to date those beautiful women that they cannot seem to be able to take their eyes off of. If you think it would be like a dream come true to date beautiful women who are out of your league, then keep reading.
The first thing that I would like to encourage you to do is to stop thinking of certain women as being out of your league. That's basically telling your subconscious mind to always think negatively when it comes to the women that you can attract and date and why do that to yourself if you don't have to? Not only that, I would also suggest that you begin to explore the reasons why you think that some women are too good for you.
Here are some tips on how to attract women out of your league that I hope you find helpful:
1) Beautiful women are just like every other woman in most ways, they just look prettier.
This is something that is mostly true. There are some things about beautiful women that are going to be different, but on the whole, they are like other women they just come in a prettier package. So, really, there is no reason to think that you have less of a chance with a good looking girl than you do with an average looking one.
2) The reason why you think that they are out of your league is due to your inexperience with them.
I find that most guys who think of good looking women as being out of their league don't have that much experience being around attractive women. If you did have that experience, then you would not feel like they were out of your reach. So, you may want to gain some experience just being around them.
3) You are going to have to be secure when you go out with them.
Here is what is going to happen when you go out on a date with a good looking woman. Other guys are going to check her out. And they might even flirt with her right in front of you. She is going to pay some attention to how you handle that and you want to handle it well.
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What Do Women Find Attractive In A Man?

As a woman, I find it really fascinating to interact with men who are incredibly attractive, that it almost seems as though they are employing some type of magic or hypnosis on the target woman. Of course I am not referring to actual hypnosis or magic, but to the smooth and seemingly natural ways with which they interact with women to ultimately get what they want.
I met just this type of man, who seemed to be such a magnet for women; and after developing a friendship with him over the course of a few weeks, I could clearly see why and how this guy could be so attractive despite the fact that he was quite regular-looking and didn't particularly dress better than any of his friends.
What quickly became obvious to me from the beginning, was that behind his devious smile, he was a very charming and intriguing individual.
I sat with him (Let's call him Marco) for a couple of weeks as he trained me on the procedures of my new position, and I really got to know him and observe his behavior during this time. I really liked how he would always greet me with that same sly smile, showed so much interest in me, and had a great sense of humor which entertained me throughout the day. He always found something to compliment me on in a very charming and flirtatious way, and insisted on having me teach him French words which he would then use to try to converse with me. The effect, overall, was of a man whose company I really enjoyed and who I found quite appealing.
Furthermore, what I found to be truly sexy was his openness, humility and his niceness. He also had really good vibes about him, transmitting a positive energy which the entire office picked up on. It was clear how, with his smile, he was so popular with the women. They seemed so receptive in his interaction with them; and it was obvious in the way that they flirted with him.
Here in sum, were the behaviors and qualities I observed were responsible for much of Marco's success in attracting women:
1. Confidence. His displayed his confidence in open interaction with women and lack of fear in approaching them. (Women sense a man's confidence. The more confident the man, the more attractive he is.)
2. His positive outlook on life displayed in a happy smile. We all tend to look better when we smile - and women tend to interact more with a man who doesn't appear too serious and stiff.
3. Sense of humor. He had a healthy sense of humor which made him great company and made us feel at ease. As women, we feel more comfortable with a man who can make us laugh; this causes us to relax and lower our guard.
4. He was a nice guy. He was companionable and easy to approach.
5. He was charming and gave kind compliments.
6. He took an interest in learning things from women. In the process of teaching him French, we constantly shared a laugh at his attempts to pronounce the words, which in turn elevated our moods. That he took a genuine interest, I found to be really sexy.
7. He was demonstrative in his affection. (This might not work with every guy if you are not confident). He was not shy about showing his affection - a lot of hugs, arm around my shoulders, kind words - which, combined with his other qualities, allowed him a method of relating and expression that negated discomfort, or the feeling that he had overstepped his boundaries.
If you intend to attract women, try to develop some of his qualities for yourself and incorporate some of these behaviors, and see them work for you!
Rafaela Vasquez is a regular contributor to How to Be Attractive to where she writes on various topics on relationships. Visit today at

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